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Gluten Free Trainng & Seminars

Whether for individuals, families, community/group organizations or professional entities, such as restaurants, I am prepared to work with you to make the Gluten Free diet easier.


Individuals & Families:

*Eating and living Gluten Free doesn't have to be a struggle!

*Are you being contaminated and not knowing it?

*Training available on allowed foods; cooking; hidden contaminants; shopping, including label reading, and can be designed to fit your needs and concerns/questions.


Public Speaking & Awarenes:

* Are you looking for someone to talk on the topic of Celiac Disease or gluten free living?

* Do you have a group or organization that would like to know the details for safe gluten free living?

* Do you have someone in your family or circle of friends that is required to eat Gluten Free - learn how you can cook and/or dine out easier.


Professional Entities:

* Would you like to see your sales increase? By simply changing a few of your menu items and/or proceedures you could open your facilities to an entire new crowd ~ you probably already offer several items that are bascially gluten free now!! 

*Would you like to know more about the question "do you serve Gluten Free?" and why you are being asked that more and more?

*With very low to minimal expense you can do both!


Contact me to schedule a consultation today and I'll design a proposal specifically to meet your needs and desires.

Not-For-Profit organizations will not be charged for a speaking engagement if you are within my local area - mimimal charges (i.e. travel costs)  may apply otherwise.

Lynn McGinnis  ~   LivingGlutenFree@yahoo.com     330-347-8231