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Weedy Ways has been created to assist you in making the best decisions for you to better your health and your environment. 




Weedy Ways ~ featuring gluten freee products and herbal creations designed specifically for you and your needs.   


Watkins ~ the same quality and promise as the 'ole' days!  What a great product line - since 1868!  They offer many products for the kitchen, the medicine cabinet as well as the laundry & cleaning supply shelf.  Check the products out closely, especilly the cleaning products if you're tired of nasty chemicals hindering your health and environment!  Monthly specials/sales available! you'll need my number, 874511, to order 



Nature's Sunshine  ~ offers a broad variety of quality products with a sound company base as well as business opportunities if so chosen,  including product discounts.  Their products range from vitamins, minerals, herbs & supplements, aromatherapy, personal care, cosmetics, and facial care items  to cleaners and much more. Go to NaturesSunshine.com   ** you'll need my number, 266833 to order or contact me  at  WeedyWays@yahoo.com for additional information and/or other available products.

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Amsoil ~ AMSOIL FORMULATES A WIDE SELECTION OF SYNTHETIC LUBRICATING OILS for all types of engine and gear applications, including those for specialized vehicles and severe operating conditions, sophisticated fuel additives, filtration systems and other companion products that supplement and extend lubricant performance. For the best and most cost-effective choice for increasing engine performance, reducing maintenance and prolonging vehicle and equipment life choose Amsoil!


Call Roger McGinnis at 330-347-8172 for complete details and/or inquires.




        Disclaimer, please note:

The contents and products offered within this website are offered for use as a time-honored approach to strengthening the body. Herbs, supplements and vitamins can interact with each other and/or with medications whether over the counter or prescribed.  Herbs, vitamins and supplements are not required to follow the same guidelines as medications thus the doses and concentrations may differ between brands and companies.  

If you are taking any herb, vitamin or supplement and are scheduled for surgery it is IMPERATIVE that you inform your physician as well as surgeon and anesthesiologist about such supplementation!

It is not recommended to stop taking any medication as prescribed through your physician without his/her consent.