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Welcome Celiacs & Family and Friends of Celiacs!  

As a celiac myself I know the frustrations and bumps that are in the road ... but you must always remember they are simply that ~ bumps or slight hiccups ... Gluten free is a way of life (because you have to) - it is NOT a prison sentence!  Make the best of it, have fun with it, let others help you get through the tough times, become a member of a support group and you'll be stronger to help someone else when that time comes ... At the bottom of this page there is a link for some Ohio support groups and additional information.

Celiac Disease is an incurable, hereditary, auto-immune disease that recent studies show affects 1 in 133 people in the United States.  Frequently mis-diagnosed, Celiac Disease has a broad range of symptoms including, but not limited to, anemia, weight loss or gain, diarrhea or constipation, bloating, irritable bowel, mood swings and other unexplained symptoms.  These symptoms are triggered by the ingestion of gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. 

It is difficult to always be sure your products are safe, it is grueling and time consuming to read each ingredient on every label ... unless you change your mindset - read the labels so we can share the information! You may have just found something great, something new, something to fall in love with!

For me, after what seemed like years of struggling, a light came on and it become so much easier with less effort and fewer bumps ...  Now I want to share my findings with you, I want to help you get over the bumps, I want to impact the world around me for the better !!   Below you'll find beneficial links allowing you to explore a small part of the gluten free world, please check back often as these links will be updated and/or new ones added. If you'd like to share a gluten free tip and/or site please email me at WeedyWays@yahoo.com or LivingGlutenFree@yahoo.com

Weedy Ways has been created to help you make wiser decisions for your health, the health of a loved one and the environment around you ...   We live in a tough, rough world, by making our comfort zone more friendly it’ll be well worth any time and effort that may be required! Products for today's busy lifestyles and attention to special dietary considrations are offered through through Weedy Ways, the links below have been created to help you, don't hestiate to contact me with questions.

What is in your herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals??  Are there fillers and binders?? Are those fillers/binders made of wheat/gluten??  Nature's Sunshine offers products without fillers and extra 'gunk' that is harmful to us ... it's great to be able to know exactly what is in each product and be able to rely on it!!  Independent Associate #2257413

What goes into your body always affects the exterior of your body in one form or another whether it be an additional line, wrinkle, spot or blemish - The sun's UVA and UVB rays are so damaging, everyone needs protection from them ... Prevent damage to your skin as long as possible by using products that are pure, safe and beneficial. Look for items that are gluten free, especially the lip products (offered by Watkins as well!!). 


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