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Celiac Awareness

May is Celiac Awareness Month ~ if it is May while you're reading this, get out there and talk gluten free!  If it's not, mark your calender so you won't forget!

This page of the website is designed in effort to raise a greater awareness, teach the community and help those who need it.

The following are links to help you lead a healthier, happier and better gluten free lifestyle.  Please check back periodically for updates. 


Welcome to Gluten Free Living

Purchase Gluten Free Baking Mixes by Weedy Ways   ** All mixes are on hold until further notice.  I do appologize, but life turns and new adventures have interrupted my gluten free business for a short time.  I will keep you posted upon availability. Thank you all for your dedication and support!!

Awareness Articles by Weedy Ways that have been published in local sources.

Gluten Free Events and additional internet sites.

Recipes ... including tips, tricks and substitution help for allergen free cooking/baking.

Wooster Wellness Expo 2010

Professional Training & Education Classes